Black Pax VaporizerPax vaporizer by Ploom is the portable vaporizer that everyone has been talking about. Well, I’ve used it and this is my review. At first it seems like the vape to have, but after some extensive use, that becomes questionable. The problems that arise after some use have to do with residue leftover from vaporizing and this residue collecting around the mouthpiece, preventing it from making proper contact. With a really-really thorough cleaning, you can get rid of the gunk that’s causing the problems, however, you have to keep it clean and that’s a bit of a hassle. People complained and fortunately for everyone, Ploom not only listened but came up with a resolution in the form of the new Pax lubricant that they’re bundling with every order. You put the lube on and around the mouthpiece and then push it in and out to get it in there real good. Once it’s lubricated, it’s good to go. The new units are also, for whatever reason, less shiny than the old ones. This is strictly an aesthetics thing, but all the same I thought it was worth mentioning. Moving on, I’m comfortable saying that this is one of the best portable vaporizers out right now and it has to do with a few variables in my mind: convenience, size, and vapor quality. What really sets this one apart from a lot of the portables is the method used to vaporize, one which happens to be the same as what’s employed by the really high end plugins like the Volcano vaporizers, as an example. So the vapor tastes good and the issues with the mouthpiece have been resolved. All in all, it’s a great vaporizer and I would recommend it. Personally, I think the Solo is a better bet for most people but that’s just my opinion (one which comes from a lot of experience), but if you want to buy it anyways, you can buy it online from this store here.


Pax Temperature:

Vaporizer temperature selection is a little tricky if you don’t know how to pull it off, but after you’ve done it, it’s a snap. Simply pull the mouthpiece out (it comes out completely) and then look inside and you’ll see a glowing button which you can press to cycle through the 3 temperatures that are programmed into the unit. The lowest temperature setting is 370 degrees Fahrenheit. A yellow light is used to indicate the low heat setting. The middle temperature range has an orange light and is set to 390F. Personally, I tend to use the unit on either medium or high, but that’s just me. The high setting is the red light and it’s 410F.


How To Use It:

Pax Portable VaporizersIf you’re wondering how to use the Pax vaporizer, it’s actually really easy. You pop the lid to the heating chamber off by pressing down on one side until the other side pops up and gives you something to grab. Pull it all the way off. Inside you’ll see the heating chamber with a cool looking screen. The screen can be removed during cleaning by popping it out from the other side using one of the cleaning sticks. I wouldn’t use the cleaning sticks for much because they tend to leave behind a lot of fibers that coat the vapor pathway and that’s not something I’m into. With a lot of rubbing alcohol, they could be useful, but I think your best bet is to use a small brush with some plastic bristles on it, like what you might find for at-home dental work. Anyways, you load your blend (which should be finely ground) and then you click the mouthpiece in so that it pops out. At this point, it’s now heating up. If you need to adjust the temperature, read the paragraph above this one in which I explain how to change the temperature. That’s all it takes to get it going. To summarize: you load your blend, select your temperature (unless you want to use the last temp setting you used), and then you click the mouthpiece in so that it pops out and activates the heating element. Simple as that.


Buying Pax:

Pax Ploom can be purchased online and maybe even from your local smoke shop. I’ve often found vaporizer prices at local retailers to be higher than the online vaporizer stores which is why I tend to shop online. If you want, you can buy Pax from the same vaporizer store where I got mine: this one here. They use very discreet packaging (ordinary brown boxes) to ship their vaporizers and they ship internationally.


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DaVinci VaporizersDaVinci vaporizer is portable (no cords and fits in your pocket), has an internal storage compartment, a cleaning tool inside of it that pulls right out, a mouthpiece that you can detach (it unscrews), and the ability to vaporize not only dry-blends but also liquids using one of the provided oil canisters. One of the coolest aspects of this portable is its ability to vape while charging. With a battery life that isn’t all that great, the ability to charge and operate simultaneously is definitely a must. All the same, it’s also a nice bonus. I’m a heavy vaporizer so I don’t necessarily care for portables that have a less than long battery life like this one, however, overall, it’s a good vape. It works and it’s reliable, but it doesn’t taste that great. The taste is nowhere near as bad as the Palm vaporizer that I reviewed but it’s still not quite as good as the Solo or Pax. One of my friends who used my DaVinci actually liked it enough to proclaim it his favorite portable. I guess the reality is that not everyone is as sensitive to the taste as me and the DaVinci just tastes rubbery to me. For others, like my friend, it’s a fantastic little personal vaporizer that’s great for carrying around with you throughout the day. If you don’t think that the taste of a rubber mouthpiece in your mouth is going to bother you, feel free to buy this portable vaporizer online from this store.


More Info On DaVinci Vapes:

When I’m holding this unit in my hand, it feels solid. I wouldn’t say heavy, but it does have a bit of weight to it. The weight is definitely not an issue, it’s just enough for me to feel like it’s a solid device. The display screen shows the temperature and the controls below it allow you to adjust the temperature. To turn it on, you slide the power switch into the on position. This switch is located on the right side of the device when you’re looking at the screen on the front. When you hit it, the screen will light up blue and you’ll be able to see the temperature. Next you hit the power button below the temperature controls and the heating element will begin to heat up to the desired temperature that you set on the screen using the adjustment arrows. It’s really easy to use and it heats up rather quick so you don’t feel like you’re waiting around forever to take some draws. It seems to vaporize in a very efficient manner, as the appearance of the vaporized blend seems to indicate.


Buying DaVinci Vaporizer:

For those who are interested in buying DaVinci even after having read this portable vaporizers review, then feel free to buy it from an authorized retailer such as this store here.


DaVinci Vaporizer YouTube Video:

DaVinci Portable Vaporizer Video Review from Gus Maley on Vimeo.


Palm Portable VapeThe Palm vaporizer 1.0 that I used was not something that I would recommend to anyone. It’s just not a good unit. It’s a cheap vaporizer that had a very poor taste every time I tried to use it. Keep in mind, I did make sure to run through at least 25 fully charged batteries before using it. That’s just me taking a precaution and trying to burn off any manufacturing and packing oils that might be in there. Even after this, I still tasted very poor. Due to this, it’s hard to review this unit without focusing on what I didn’t like, which was the overall quality of the vapor produced. To me, the Magic Flight Launch Box is a better alternative because it’s virtually the same thing, only made from different materials and it actually tastes okay. Personally, being really sensitive in the taste department, I can’t stand using the Palm but the MFLB and it’s woody aftertaste is alright. That’s just me. Maybe you’ll like the Palm but I would highly suggest taking a look at a different portable vaporizer like the Solo vaporizer.


More Info On Palm Vapes:

I’ll get into the details with this one a bit more than I have. It’s a pipe vaporizer, at least it looks like a standard pipe. You lift the lid and fill the heating area with your blend. Then you stick the rechargeable NiMH AA battery that it comes with into the receptacle and the light on top goes on. Once the light is on, you wait a few seconds or so and begin to draw. You’ll see the vapor through the lid because the lid is transparent so you’ll know when to draw. A normal mouthpiece tip and a flavored tip come with every purchase. There’s more than one flavor but I only tried the mint flavor that came with mine and didn’t really care for it. Tasted like dirty menthol to me, but again, this is just my experience and MAYBE this was all because I got a defective unit, however, I believe this is likely how all of the Palm vaporizers are. Palm 2.0 is just a shorter version of the original that’s been redesigned to simply reduce the length. Probably not much different than this one but I can’t say because I haven’t tried.


Buying Palm Vape:

If you’re really intent on buying this cheap portable vaporizer, I won’t stop you but I would suggest you take a long look at another portable. All the same, if you want to buy it, you can buy it from this store but don’t say the Vaporizer Tiger didn’t warn you!


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viVape 2 vaporizerviVape 2 is a digital vape by Vaporfection and this is my review here at (my cool new vaporizer review website). Anyways, this is one of the best desktop vaporizers that I’ve used and I’ve used A LOT of them. It incorporates a touchscreen display and basically looks like an Apple product such as the iPhone. The whip system works very well and tastes great. While you can’t turn the fan off without turning the entire device off, I’ve never once found this to be an issue. By simply removing the whip after each draw, you’re able to conserve your blend while eliminating any concern you might have with the constant hot air blowing. The tubing is very flexible, even more so than the Extreme Q whip. Both ends of the whip have glass fittings and the end which connects to the unit itself has ground glass so you don’t necessarily have to hold it in place, however, I do tend to hold it in place because it can fall out if you tug on it too hard. I did accidentally pull the whip out and watched it drop, however, the glass didn’t break which I think is a reflection of its quality and durability; this is not cheap glass, it’s good.


viVape 2 Review Continued:

One of the real reasons why I love this particular vaporizer is its ability to (like the Extreme Q) vaporize with both bags and whips. That’s more than most vapes can accomplish and as someone who has used both, I’ve found that I like to use both. The whip is often my preferred method and that’s why I tend to use the viVape 2 more than the Volcano vaporizer. As far as bags go, the Volcano valve system is definitely a notch above that of the viVape’s, however, Vaporfection’s bag system definitely works. When you switch the vaporizer onto bag mode, the fan speeds up and the temperature calibrates itself accordingly (it jumps up). That’s basically what changes when you press the button on the touchscreen to switch from whip to bag. The bag setup contains a valve so that you don’t have to keep a finger over the opening like you might with the Extreme Q. This into account, I would definitely have to say that I prefer the viVape 2′s bag system over that of the Q’s, but that’s just me. All in all, I find myself using the viVape 2 more than most of the vaporizers I have and I think that speaks for itself.I like this vaporizer. It’s nice. It is expensive, but if you can deal with that, it’s a totally legit vape.


Buying viVape Vaporizers:

The price on them has actually gone down quite a bit since I first got mine so if you’re thinking you might be able to afford one and you’re ready to buy, you can buy it online from this store (they’re an authorized store so you don’t have to worry about the warranty not being valid because it will be).


viVape 2 Vaporizer YouTube Video:


Da Buddha Vaporizer7th Floor makes some nice vaporizers and Da Buddha is one of them. It’s a whip vaporizer, but if you’ve used one of those whack little box vapes, then you’re in for a real treat because DBVs are much higher quality in my opinion. I’ve tried more than one of those little wood box vapes and have never been impressed. Da Buddha vaporizers on the other hand are nothing to $@#$ with. They heat up in 2-3 minutes and can heat your blend at a range of 200 to 900 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a lot hotter than you’ll probably ever need. Like the Volcano vaporizers that many of you are surely familiar with, Da Buddhas use convection to vaporize; just one of the reasons why the vapor produced is great. You could call them handheld vaporizers, but more in the Plenty vaporizer sense than the MFLB or Pax sense. All said and done, they’re legit vapes made in Colorado but they’re not my favorite whip vapes and that’s just the honest truth of the matter. I personally think that the Silver Surfer vaporizers, that are somewhat like their older sibling, are nicer but even still, I’d rather use a digital vaporizer like the Extreme Q or viVape because of their ability to also fill bags with vapor. While DBV might be limited to the whip, that doesn’t mean it’s not a legit vape because it absolutely is. I just have my own personal preferences when it comes to vapes and that’s all, nothing against this one. Just not my particular flavor but if it’s something that you’re into, you can always buy one online from this store.


What’s Good About it?

Da Buddha vaporizer isn’t without its drawbacks, but that’s not to say that it doesn’t have its advantages. For instance, it uses the same patented ceramic heating-element that 7th Floor uses in their more expensive Silver Surfer vape. The temperature adjustment is roughly equivalent to that of the Classic Volcano in the sense that it is a simple knob or dial that you turn to set the temperature. While it might not have a digital display that shows the temperature, it also doesn’t have an extra component to break or fail. Simple and clean; a very elegant approach to vaporizing with an old school twist. One of the more interesting points worth noting is that they’ve had all of the hot metal components removed from their vapor pathway. Another worthwhile point to mention is the fact that they do offer a hands free experience because of the ground glass fittings that they use.


Buying Da Buddha Vaporizer

If you want to buy Da Buddha vaporizer online, I suggest you buy it from this store (one of my favorites). When you buy it from them, they’re authorized by 7th Floor so you’re sure to be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.


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